Bible Journaling Equipment list.

This is the ‘Basics’ equipment list that we recommend to get you started in your journaling bibles. You don't need everything at once but we've tried to cover a range of budgets and for different techniques. All products are listed with an Amazon affiliate. Using this link will not cost you any more money but may provide a small earning for us. Thank you to anyone who uses these links.

When buying a journaling bible, I usually ask people two questions. Do you like colouring pages? Are you afraid of a blank page? If you love colouring, then we recommend you go for one of the bibles which have some pages to colour in. If your not afraid of a blank page then go for one of the bibles with blank margins, it doesn't matter if they've got lines or not. Here are the best sellers favourites, but if you want to chat about other translations just pop us a message on Facebook.

NIV Hannah Dunnett Journaling BIble

NLT Inspire Praise Journaling Bible

ESV Interleaved Journaling Bible

or use if you don't want to work directly in a bible try a sketch book - here’s a few


Pencil. Scissors. Ruler and Pens. We highly recommend you test all pens in the information pages at the front of your bible, before using them on your pages. These are the ones we recommend and they don't bleed. Bic fine biro.

Sagura Pigma Micron or Uniball fineliners black pen different sizes .005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08. These also don't bleed when you work with watercolours, either before or after application.

Uniball Black Fine liner pen

Micron Blacnk fineliner pen


Uniball Signo white pen. This might seem a strange choice but you'll be surprised how much you'll use it.

Uniball white pen

Gold and silver are also great additions.

A very new addition to us but Clear Gelly Roll pens are lovely to add a special shimmer over other colours.

Clear Gelly Roll pen

To go with your pens, we then recommend using one of the following to add colour to your bible pages. Choose either colouring pencils, watercolour sets or pencils, Neocolours or Gelatos.

Colouring pencils come in lots of varieties and prices. To be honest we usual just recommend the Derwent Inktense ones listed further down but if you'd prefer just colouring pencils then here's a few.


Water colour paints - no bible page preparation is needed for watercolours in your bible but you can paint over a primed clear gesso page if you prefer. You can use any quality from children’s to more expensive brands. The higher the price usually means the higher the pigment colour content and less chalky. Derwent Inktense travel pans, Van Gogh Brights or Prima classics, tropicals and pastels.