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Creative & Blessed Spring Harvest 2018 at #SH2018 Minehead 2018

All set up in our space at Spring Harvest Minehead 2018 Week 1.

Such a great space for us for to have our journaling table out too - YAY!

It was so lovely to hear people say our stall was their favourite place to be at Spring Harvest - all because we introduced Bible Journaling.


The Crazy Duo's that shared a caravan and manned the stall

Haidee & Isobel Lisa & Layla


Our Bible Journaling Workshops offered the opportunity to learn six techniques and whilst at Spring Harvest we provided and sold some of the resources you needed to complete them all. Here is a link to Lisa Noon's YouTube account as she is kindly making two videos for us of the techniques we introduced last week. Please do consider subscribing to her site, this will help her be seen better by other YouTube viewers and will encourage her too. Next week we shall share the other three techniques through a further blog/video link. We hope you find this helpful.


A list of resources used are then listed below. At events we try to provide some of the resources needed to get people started in bible journaling but we cannot compete with prices online so we have chosen to use affiliated links instead. This means that if you purchase through any of these links you will not be charged any differently to normal Amazon prices but that we will earn a little from each sale, and every penny goes back into growing our little business.

1. Baby wipe technique - Using Gelatos with any baby wipes.

All these example photos came from those who joined our workshops & have given permission for us to share their work. Below Gelatos' were applied with a baby wipe and then stamped using our wooden stamps writing the word 'Brave' - the theme at Spring Harvest.

2. Lettering & Stamping -

These are Brave Shakers, which you can watch in the video link above. Some show examples of the stamp sets we offered use of in the workshop. provided worksheets to use during the workshops and copies can be purchased from this link.

We also offered a range of wooden stamp sets to try out and silicone stamps on an acrylic block. There are many different ones available of these and we do have a few on our website but we have included links to our two favourites ones. You can also use alphabet stencils for adding words to your pages.

4. Napkin Art - You'll never see a napkin or pretty tissue again without thinking of squirrelling it away for your bible journaling. The very top fine layer of any napkin or tissue can be used with an art medium to attach it to your pages. We found Winsor & Newton Matt Medium, used with a stencil brush, to be the best and easiest whilst at Spring Harvest. Again there are other sizes of brushes and pots available but we have just included these for now. This size pot will last you a long time. We only have an example of the napkin art in someones journalling book as we forgot to get photos but included is a page from one of our bibles.

If you haven't gotten a bible and fancy one we have these ones listed on our website, click the photo to go straight to the link. However we also sold several other translations that were popular too which we have provided the affiliated link to beneath this photo.

NIV Journaling Bibles

Next weeks blog post will share a video showing how to use the Gelli Plate with deli paper, using acrylics with a credit card and how to make a Brave Shaker.


Thanks for reading. If you are new to Bible Journaling don't forget to pop along to our Facebook page and join our community. Click this link to take you there -


If you've not had a peak inside our new bible journaling kits heres a little look - Lisa Noon also has a video sharing how she trailed our stamps.

Bible Journaling Kit UK

Bye for now - see you next week for our next update.

Blessings for the week ahead.

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