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Part Two Spring Harvest

So here's Part 2 of our Spring Harvest follow up blog and video link. Many of you have now joined us over on our Facebook group and are joining in our weekend event of sharing our very first bible journaling pages. Pop over and join us if you haven't already where we're sharing our first bible journaling page and where we live so that we can all get to know one another and hopefully do a bit a networking in the weeks to come. I've got an idea......

Bible Journaling Community UK.

So this week Lisa has prepared a video sharing the other techniques that many of you had a go at at Spring Harvest. Here's the link to her fantastic second video. Please do support her by subscribing to her YouTube account.

Gelli Printing. Bible Journaling.

A list of resources used are then listed below. At events we try to provide some of the resources needed to get people started in bible journaling but we cannot compete with prices online so we have chosen to use affiliated links instead. This means that if you purchase through any of these links you will not be charged any differently to normal Amazon prices but that we will earn a little from each sale, and every penny goes back into growing our little business.

1. Credit Card Painting - any acrylic paints

can be used but this is one collection with a wide range of colours in it.

2. Gelli Printing. Use the same acrylic paints as before. Lisa has another video saying how to make your own gelli plate but if you want to buy a ready made here's the link. They are available in various sizes and makes but I have chosen one that is a 5 x 7 which should fit most journaling bibles. Here's Lisa's video link on how to make them first and then our afflicted links.

Homemade Gelatine Plate

link. Like at Spring Harvest we sell Deli paper and punchinello (craft shiny stuff which sequins are cut from) on our site as you have to buy these in large quantities so we purchase them and make into accessible fixe packets.

You can find them by going to our website at this link.

Just a little reminder to go and share your first bible page in our community group. Before I did anything in my bible I added washi tape to each book of the bible - yes thats a lot of different washi tapes and yes it took a lot of patience to do it. I've not done it again on previous bibles! The i wrote my word for the year on a blank page at the front and then because I didn't know where to start I started at the beginning. What about you?

Enjoy this gorgeous sunshine this weekend. Bye for now. Haidee

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