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Brand new Soul Survivor Journaling Bible! God’s word has the power to change us. We can encounter him as we read, learning more about his character, his love for us, and his plans for us and the world he created. It can be easy to rush through reading the Bible, but we want to be intentional in our study, allowing God to speak to us and shape us. For this reason we’ve produced a brand new journaling Bible which we hope will help us all dig a bit deeper into God’s word.Each page has a wide margin to allow for observations, questions, notes, thoughts and drawings and we’ve included some extra things to help you get started. Every few pages you’ll find something in the margin, alongside the Bible text.  There are also a number of Bible studies and articles on some key themes: worship, being naturally supernatural, social justice, important characters, and women in leadership. We’ve added introductions to each book of the Bible explaining why the book was written, what was happening at the time, the key themes it contains and the characters. There are additional SOAP and Verse-Mapping pages – these are creative methods of studying God’s word and engaging with different passages to see what God is saying to you. Plus there are a number of reading plans and lots of designed verses that you may want to colour in or write notes around. We hope and pray that this resource will help you to know more of God’s incredible, unfailing and unchanging love for you and the world around you.Why not join us in our facebook group to share your pages and be inspired by others. Bible Journaling Community UK

Soul Survivor Journaling Bible

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