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LYRA Graphite Stick Sold singularly Graphite Stick: 2B Degree Solid graphite crayons are perfect for sketch, layout work and shading large areas. Great for all journaling. An example is given of how I used it in my bible in the photographs. Hexagon shaped crayons measure 4.5 inch long and 0.5 inch diameter. Removable paper wrapping to keep hand cleanThese are water soluable for monochromatic watercolor effect. Description. LYRA artist supplies are superior products for serious artists. LYRA Graphite Crayons are perfect for sketching and shading large areas. LYRA Graphite Crayons are available in an assortment of three hardness degrees; 2B and 6B comply with even the most stringent quality standards. Draw, sketch design and empower your creativity with artist products from LYRA

Lyra Graphite water soluble stick 2B

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