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KJV My Promise Bible Silky But Leather


Color your way through the promises contained in the Bile when you decorate the Purple Faux Leather Flexcover My Promise Bible. 

This inspirational tool will guide you to express your faith through color and art while also being reminded of God's promises. Discover the exciting world of Bible journaling and document your spiritual journey through coloring illustrations and memorable verses.

Over 500 illustrations are placed throughout the Journaling Bible and serve as visual tools for meditating, reflecting, and Bible Journaling. The KJV text is set in a single-column format with wide-ruled margins filled with line-art to color. There are over 52 promise themes that are included and illustrated. The purple pocket on the inside back cover holds matching

Bible book tabs and stickers - some full color and some line-art for you to color. 12 additional designs are included to record answered prayers, God's promises to you, and personal reflections.

KJV My Promise Bible Silky But Leather

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