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Joseph's Boy by Lynn Robertson Hay

The Young Testament - a kids'-eye view of the Jesus story! 

Children's Christian Story book.


"Quirky, funny and immensely enjoyable" kids'-eye take on the first Christmas - aimed at preteens, sneakily enjoyed by adults!

Jamie had BIG dreams. He wanted to be a prince. He wanted his dad to marry a lovely young woman called Mary. He wanted an army of little brothers and sisters who would look up to him and think how clever and important he was.
But at *no point* did he expect one of them to be a long-awaited king, destined to reign forever. Nope. Not part of the plan...

JOSEPH'S BOY is the first of The Young Testament, a fun, accessible series of full-length books on the Jesus story, with the children and young people as the main characters.

"What an achievement... Vividly inhabits biblical tales, but in modern language for young eyes reading now...  A fab and fun retelling of the New Testament in a way that I never thought possible... an epic work, perfect for pre-teens... Highly recommended!" Paul Kerensa, comedian, author & TV writer (NOT GOING OUT; MIRANDA; SPITTING IMAGE)

"As a father of four children, I know the value of bringing the Bible alive for young people. Lynn's books are brilliant for helping kids experience what it would have felt like to live in the time and place of Jesus, follow the story as an adventure, and understand why this ancient story matters to us today"  Justin Brierley, writer and broadcaster (Theology and Apologetics Editor, Premier Radio; UNBELIEVABLE? podcast and book)

Joseph's Boy by Lynn Robertson Hay

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