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Christian Print.

"I will pour out my Spirit upon all people." Joel 2:28

Christian framed print. 

Christian home gift.

Christian Artwork.

Paint pouring artwork

Haidee Hughes 


"I will pour out my Spirit upon all people." Joel 2:28


Created from an original paint pouring painting and then designed into a print by Haidee Hughes. Printed on artists paper with high quality inks. Available in a range of sizes either as a print or in a white frame, in three sizes. The frame can be hung on a wall or stood on a surface.


White frame with mount 3.5 x 5" print.

Whtie frame with glass 4 x 6" print.

White frame with glass 5 x 7" print.


"I will pour out my Spirit upon all people." Joel 2:28 Christian Artwork Print.

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