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Hand Lettering God's Love Paperback – 7 Nov 2017

by Margaret Feinberg (Author), Taylor Design, Jessica (Author)

You are gifted, and now is the time to unleash your giftedness. This interactive book provides a step-by-step guide to the art of hand lettering. The best part: no experience needed.

Your friends Margaret and Jessica will guide you every brush stroke of the way. You'll learn techniques to create your own word art through easy-to-follow projects, prompts, and exercises. And you'll do it all while reflecting on the beauty of Scripture and inspiring devotions. This is a fun, delightful way to reawaken to God's love for you.

In this book you'll discover: 
- training on how to craft each letter of the alphabet in lower 
and upper cases
- strategies for connecting letters, adding flourishes, and developing your personal style
- specific instruction on how to create beautiful, framed word art
- devotionals to ground you in the fierce love of God
- guidance to complete 12 stunning projects

May Hand Lettering God's Love encourage you, inspire you, and spark joy in your journey of faith.

Hand lettering God's Love. Margaret Feinberg

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