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God is love. Bag.
Colouring Gift.
Christian Bag.
Christian Gift.
Gift Bag.

We are so excited to share this beautiful new 'Colouring in' bag kit. God is love. They has been designed by Ministry of Stitch especially for We have then had them printed made by, another small British business we like to support.

The kit comes in a white postal box with a God is love Colouring Bag. This kit comes with the option of four sets of fabric pens.
Single bags purchased without pens will be sent in a hardboard envelope.

There are four different designs to collect, so you could gift one to a friend, have one for yourself and also make a few as family gifts too. We've also made these available as Sewing Bags for those who love to stitch. We've sourced Fabric Pens and machine washable Embroidery Skien's and to make these kits so its easy for you to purchase them as a gift too. Just so many options, which will! you choose?

We'd love to see your completed designs so do please share them in our Facebook group and Intragram accounts
#holyhopecoukbiblejournalingcommunity #ministryofstitch #Colourfulchristianbags

God is love. Bag. Colouring in Gift. Bag. Christian Gift.

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