Compact Mirror Small Gift,  Lip Mirror for Make-up Set, Oil Painting Art, Sycamore Tree Leaf, Gift idea for Her A fantastic Gift for a friend or a member of the family. They are perfect for placing in your handbag or make-up bag or leaving in your desk at work. BEAUTIFUL SURRENDER - original oil painting This painting if part of a trio and began though the a prophetic word of how autumn leaves die naturally in their season. During this process they become more and more beautiful, just like when we choose to surrender to Christ we become beautiful in His eyes. I was so inspired by these words that when I was out walking the dog I gathered some Autumn leaves and came home and began painting. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed mediating on this Truth. The original painting is avilable to purchase and these is a set of note cards that include this image too.  Designed and made in the UK, each Mirror is made with a high quality print of our original art, in our studio in Somerset.They are produced on our Professional EBadge Machine which is British made and the mirrors are designed to last.  They measure 58mm in diameter and our artwork is on the reverse side to the mirror. They are made from sturdy materials with a strong metal backing and mirror rim and a plastic cover to protect the artwork if it can be placed on any surface and popped in a handbag. They are then lovingly place in a White Organza Pouch and ready for you so give as a gift. Please note that props are for illustrative purposes only and not for sale. Other designs available in this collection of Original Art Mirrors. copyright HaideeHughes

Compact Beaty Mirror, Oil Painting Art,  Sycamore Tree Leaf,

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