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We are very pleased to announce the latest in our colouring book range. 'Multicoloured Life' is a pocket sized (A6 10.5cm X 14.8cm) book consisting of 10 new designs by Mary Fleeson especially designed for the dimensions of this book.From the introduction...Welcome to Multicoloured Life, our ninth colouring book which is inspired by Galatians 5:22-23, the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Each colouring image is a reminder of a ‘fruit’ to aid meditation, prayer or relaxation.The end results are not as valuable as the journeys you will take to complete the images so please don’t worry about going over the lines or doing it ‘wrong’.Take your time over each image, ask God to speak to you through it - then be prepared to listen! I recommend that you use medium hard pencil crayons, fine fibre pens or gel pens to colour with, and suggest for the latter two put a piece of paper behind to prevent bleed through.

Colourful Life. Colouring Christian Book. Mary Fleeson

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