Christian word stamps.

Always, Jesus, Amen, Faith, grace, praise, shine, steadfast, shepherd, steadfast, honor. humble, God, truth, soul, reflect, thankful, challenge, overcome, spirit, wonderful, heaven, worship, confidence, miracle, brave, hope, holy, joy, bliss, pray, wisdom, sing, give, angel, glory, cross, renew, heart, purpose, gratitude, trust, listen, blessed, strength, life, peace, mercy, inspire, believe, beauty, comfort, rejoice, forgiveness

Scapbooking, greeting card making and Bible Journaling stamps


This set of over fifty silicone stamps are perfect for using for many craft projects. You simply peal them off their packaging and place them onto your acrylic block and start stamping. Clean with a wet wipe or warm water. Use in your journaling bibles, make greetings cards or in your scarpbooking. 


Approxiately Sized 7x5"


Please note all props are for photographic use only and do not come with the stamps.

Christian Word Stamps. Jesus, faith, God, Lord, Amen, grace, forgiveness, bless


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