Christian Washi Tape Rolls

Decorative Tape

Journaling Tape

Jesus. Shalom. Know. Praise. Soul. Amen. 


A delightful washi tape roll featuring at least five christian words.

Thanks, Abba, Jesu, Holy Spirit, God.

Jesus, Love, Grace, Power, Faith.

Look, Agape, Grace, Memorise, Learn, Blessed, Remember.

Jesus, Shalom, Know, Praise, Soul, Amen.


Use it to help you illustrate your faith and add borders in your journaling Bible, journal, bullet journals, scrapbook pages or devotional!

This tape is perfect for all bible pages and paper projects! Who doesn't love fun and easy to use washi tape? 


Washi tape is a popular crafting item, especially great for using in your bibles. Also known as Japanese Masking Tape, Washi Tape is often adorned in cute little patterns and designs. It is a paper tape that has a light adhesive on it so that it will stay in place but you can lift it off as many times as you need to and place it again if you make a mistake.Washi Tape is an easy to use craft supply that turns to ordinary into the extraordinary it is sticky on one side and decorated on the other.


♥ make your bible pages and journals look unique
♥ great for making personalised christian greetings cards and gift tags
♥ decorate your gifts with this washi tape to give them the extra touch
♥ create interesting bible tabs to index your pages

By ordering all four you receive a discount on the cost. 


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Christian Washi Tape Rolls, Decorative Tape, Journaling Tape

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