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BIC Kids Aquacouleur Colouring Pencils 12 Pack


Great for using in your Journaling Bibles, scrapbooks or Journals. 


  • Sold as a pack of 12, these BIC Kids' watercolour pencils come in 12 vibrant colours and offer kids a kaleidoscope of drawing choices
  • Pigment-based, water-soluble lead means young artists can achieve a watercolour effect - just add a wet brush
  • A kid-friendly and reliable colouring pencil, thanks to the 2.9mm lead
  • This watercolour pencil, with matching barrel and tip colours, enables your child to make beautiful artwork to put up around your home
  • An easy-to-sharpen watercolour pencil, letting kids get on with their colourings and drawings in peace

BIC Watercolour Pencils

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