Beginners Guide to BIble Art Journaling Video Tutorials and Magazine.

Be Creative. Edition 3.

Interactive Bible Journaling Magazine Video Technique Series


A joint project by Haidee Hughes, Sarah Chalmers and Caroline Dobrashian.


What this purchase includes: A downloadable PDF edition. Print size A4 paper. Please DO NOT SHARE this with family or friends, we have tried to make this an affordable price for all.


1. Watercolour Cheat Flowers.

2. Watercolour drips.

3. Tissue Paper Magic.

4. Exclusive You Tube Tutorial Videos for each of the above.

5. Artwork Print.

6. Creative Art Mediation.

6. Bible Epherema to create in your bible. 

7. MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Group. BE GATHERED - do pop along and join us.


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Beginners Guide to Bible Art Journaling. BE Creative 3 - Magazine, Video