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Bible Journaling Workshop

Beginners Bible Art Journaling  PDF Be Creative Edition 1 Magazine.

Beginners Guide to Bible Art Journaling.


If you've never done any Bible Journaling or much art, then this is the workshop for you. If you can use a baby wipe and your fingers then this is the magazine of ideas for you. 


The magazine has all the You Tube Demonstration Video Links so that you can watch prior to the workshop or remind yourself after the event of how to do things. 


A joint project by Haidee Hughes, Sarah Chalmers and Caroline Dobrashian.


MATERIALS NEEDED: All available on our website - MINI JOURNALING KIT



Sketchbook or paper to work on. Advice can be given about the different types of journaling bibles during the zoom even if you'd like help.

Gelatos (or copy version),



matt medium,

black biro,

and watercolours paints/pencils if you have some.


What this purchase includes:

1. PDF Be Creative edition 1 to help you find the links to the video techniques.

2. Exclusive Video YouTube Demonstrations to three techniques.

3. Members only FACEBOOK Group - Be Creative - Do pop along and join us.

4. An invitation to join repeats of Edition 1 Workshops in the future.


Magazine includes:

1.Creative techniques

      i. Basic Watercolour Technique

     ii. Gelatos and punchinello.

    iii. Napkins

2. YouTube Video links.

3. Artwork with a Creative Art Meditation

4. Additional Bible Study with Epherema It is helpful to have watched the video beforehand so on the evening you have plenty of time to create and ask questions.


Please DO NOT SHARE PDF magazine this with family or friends, we have tried to make this an affordable price for all. If you are unable to afford it please email me.

Copyright holyhopecouk

Be Creative 1. Beginners Bible Journaling Magazine. PDF

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